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Die From Love
SW (September 21,1991 / Forestville, CA)

Die From Love

Poem By Samantha White

Why can't you understand?
Why can't you see?
I need you forever,
here with me.

To hold me always,
to chase away my fears.
To keep my eyes dry,
and free from tears.

But you are blind,
I just don't matter.
All you wanted,
Was my heart to shatter.

I thought you loved me,
I guess I was wrong.
I need you so badly,
Can't stop holding on.

You make me laugh so easily,
yet it's because of you I cry.
I love you though you hurt me,
and I'm left alone to wonder why.

So tired of fake smiles,
I don't think I can last.
I'm caught up in old memories,
still stuck in my painful past.

You'd made me feel beautiful,
Taught me to love and care.
I no longer feel beautiful,
as out at the rain I stare.

You taught me so much,
But not how to say good-bye.
Now all you're teaching me,
Is that from love I can die.

By: Samantha White

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