Died We

Died We

In these days
-when we are slaves to
-the banks and interest
-small cards do payments
-some keep cash, in the jars…
-pay the bills as once was…
-in paper and coins…

Mistrust to ?
-or fear of hackers?
-or the world, Orwellian?
-or saving in secret?
-avoiding tax-payment?

In these days
-when chore is keeping pet
-ignored is partner
-no talk of children
-cat and dog are friends
-deeply has changed nature
-while both are fed as must
-fish and lamb or chicken
-the pets are valuable
-no other creature…

In these day
-I am lost.

Badly lost!
Badly lost!
Badly lost!

What is what?
What is what?
What is what?

In these days
-TV is best friend
-plenty stations…

You with you-I with I- "We" has died! ! !

by Nassy Fesharaki

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