Difference She Do Embrace

She was born and raised and married and raised her children here in this old Rural Town
And her husband in the local cemetery lay at peace two metres down
And she in her early sixties her own truth has to face
That she is destined to die here although she hates the place.

Though 'tis not her Hometown she dislike over time she has grown to hate
The small mindedness of some of it's people to which she cannot relate
Their attitude to people who are different to them she does not understand
Their trust only in sameness and sameness they demand.

Even smaller than their small country town their own small worlds are small
And they mean a fair go for their own kind only when they talk of a fair go for all
Their idea of a fair go does not apply to those who are different those different don't warrant fair play
Their small worlds are for the us only all others to them are just they.

'Tis not her Hometown she hates but some of it's people too much of them and their small ways she know
Her values to theirs are so different and apart from them she seem to grow
She is a true egalatarian and she doesn't judge by religion or race
And her world much bigger than their world and difference she does embrace

by Francis Duggan

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