Somewhere along the way
I came to the conclusion that my silence
My non confronting ways
Was a sign of weakness on my part
A character flaw, if you will

I struggled now more with my motive for not speaking up
When at the same time others would
Then the outcome of it

Truth is I come with baggage here
Seeing what anger and lashing out did
To my parents
I recoiled from it

Yet in some ways I surmise that is exactly
Why it comes to me repeatedly
To learn to make peace with it

How I deal with situations
Is going to look different than yours
And that is okay

by Linda Engwall

Comments (2)

Linda, thank you for explaining how you deal and how you feel. Reading it helps me to understand you a little bit better, thank you and good write!
Everybody deals with things in their own way Linda and so much of that is caused by what we have experienced, and that is okay...A really good thoughtful write.....