Poem By Meredith Fahey

I make love to you in this place out of time
Where I am not scared of you discovering me beneath the skin
We make ripples in the fabric of time as we explore and cry out
Tearing down the walls of reality and fantasy
You make me feel good, oh so good, and it's a sin
Because I am trapped within this skin

We are slick against each other, shivering
It's raining but I don't feel it-
Unless it is only the tears in my eyes blurring my vision
I want to forget everything but you
The way you taste, the way you smell, the way your eyes meet mine

Oh, if this world were different
You could be who you want to be, In the places that only exist in the memories of your soul
I could be who I remember I was, from the not so distant past
From a time I understood beauty but not pain in turn
I could meet you there, two souls out of time, not in time for the world
Then we would be happy.

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Amazingly wirtten...Different from your poem called words

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