Significance Of Discipline!

Creativity is gift of God one has to use it to the best
For constructive works but never for destructive works;
Good mind, discipline, knowledge and training are the
Basic need for anyone to make this world a better place!

Sans discipline carelessness, arrogance, jealousy, ill
Will covetousness and bad mind will make all useless in
The world leading to hatred, violence, wars and total
Destruction of all good things created by good hearts!

Hence, love and discipline are most important for all
Ever to do worthwhile things for the well being of all;
That is why Nature, art and culture are least cared for
In the modern world of comfort, sophistication and luxury!

Without the proper foundation, no building of modernity
Can withstand any cyclonic storm or typhoon anytime sure!

by Ramesh T A

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In unity there is strength When we go the extra length Nicely said. It is the diversity that brings variety of ideas.
Our differences we will find Other paths may also be taken May lead to the same destination if you mean unity can be maintained or attained by paths OTHER THAN homogenization, then i agree that it sometimes can be done. but, speaking for myself only, i'll add that i could not live comfortably making SOME people's WAYS my ways, or insisting on my ways becoming other people's ways. i guess that is why i've been divorced three times! but i've found i can live with someone (with frequent squabbles perhaps) without diluting my ways or her ways TOO MUCH. though it sort of seems a waste to discard a once-chosen mate, it also seems like the right thing to do at times. i've been lucky to always find another fish in the sea of humanity! thanks for sharing. bri :) and thanks for some rhyming.
Excellent poem True to verse and real.
..............very nice......our differences, is what makes life so very fascinating....
Difference in opinion and difference in thinking may definitely be there but why should we not live peacefully, maintaining a decency. It's a great write. Love and peace should maintained, that cannot be different.
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