(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Differences of opinions.
And indifference shown.
Is part of that melting pot.
Whether black on the outside.
Or inside white it matters not.
The ingredients to produce the soup.
Only the cook knows what to include.
And if those find it delicious to the taste.
No one is heard to argue,
Over the color of the people who agree.
What they were served,
They could not tell from the smell.
If the chef was Asian, Hispanic.
Caucasian, African-American or an alien,
Visiting from Mars.
When it comes to food,
People awaiting with an appetite to eat.
Few are upset with the chef.
The chef is discovered to have lied.
About the leftovers,
Given to the ones hungry and homeless.
And only then those feasting,
Want to know the color of their skins.
With it to be told to satisfy them,
Just a few were identified...
To represent minorities.

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