Waking up
Though my eyes are still shut
I sense the light is back
It's another new day, but...
I hear different sounds
From the next room, a creaking bed
Is new to my ear
There's a 'whoosh, whoosh' noise
Outside, I can hear
A jarring 'squark, squark,
Kreeu kreeu kreeu'
It's definitely a bird
Not my neighbour's chicken
Or one I've recently heard
I don't hear my neighbour's moaning goat
An engine starts - I listen
It's not a car. What can it be?
Oh, I know that bird -
It's a seagull!
I know that engine -
It's a boat!
The 'whoosh, whoosh' continues
Calling me to open my eyes
I rise, I remember
Arriving in the night
A giant window
And behold - what a sight!
Before me just blue
In two different hues
One light blue stripe
- the sky!
One dark blue stripe
- the sea!
Oh me, oh my!

by Laurie Van der Hart

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