You're the new guy in my life,
I didn't put you there.
You didn't walk in either, you demanded
that you be in my life.
You're the guy who found a way to
put the girl that he wanted into his life.

You have no idea what you're getting yourself into.
I'm not sur eif you care either, I'm begginning
to think that it's a good thing.
Winning my heart over with your charming smile,
plush toys at the fair, and just hanging around together
at the fair with a girl you barely know.

Trouble truly does lead to beautiful things,
it's what led me to you. I'm not sure
how I feel about you, but I do that you are
the guy who won't hurt, yea there has been others
but not like you.

No one who tried so hard to be there for me
every second of my life. Someone who wants me
to be close and know everyhting about him,
not just the basics.

You different from all the others,
thats what I like. The question is are you going to be similar to?
if you are then we might have a problem.....
others have cheated, lied and wanted nothing to do with
me because of my past and the horrible things that
kept us apart.

But the one true thing I want from you is,
the truth. I want you to be truthful to me
and not care what your friends think about you
and me, or my past. most guys can't do that, when
they have first met the girl.
But you're different.

Different is good,
I couldn't stnad to break your heart, I could never
see us fight and not make up, and i could never
see me without you.

by Sarah matthews

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