BRM (8-12-93 / Colorado)

Different, Be Strong

Rubbing AGAINST the grain
Can lead you to a life of PAIN
A life of HARSH treating
And an occasional beating
They put you DOWN
And inside you SCREAM with out a sound
But there just trying to make you fall
Trying to make you CRAWL
Only you can give into their SNEERS and JEERS
Only you can give them the satisfaction of seeing your TEARS
No one else can DECIDE who you let by your side to be your friend
You have to decide who will be there for you TILL THE END
Don't give into other people's ways or listen to what
another person says
Keep your head up and never give up on your DREAMS
You will achieve if you just BELIEVE
Don't let others decide your FATE
And don't give into PEER PRESSURE’S BATE
Keep being different, and
You'll be remembered as something MAGNIFICENT
Just be STRONG, don't do things you know are wrong

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very worded it in a very good way...keeeeeeeep writing