Different Colors Of Skin

God made humans with different colors of skin
To show us what demeans a person comes from within.
Never judge individuals by their outer layer.
Search every heart and soul and the answer will be there.
The color of one's skin doesn't make a difference
As it's who a person is that people reverence.
Everybody admires those who are honest and true,
And those who are always just and fair in what they do.
The color of one's skin matters not at all
When one volunteers to answer a frantic call.
No one questions the skin color of those who are brave
And who dauntlessly risk or give their lives to save.
The color of someone's skin is not what counts
When one is in dire need or when trouble mounts.
It's what is within people that helps them to care,
And be ever mindful of another's welfare.

by Mary Angela O'Connor

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