(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Different Kind Of Setting

When the popcorn is gone...
And the illusions begin to fade!
Even rose colored glasses
Can not hide this charade!
And you will think to yourself...
You have been cruely played!
And you will be right.
Every day and every night.
For decades and years beyond,
This has been going on!
And it is nothing new.
Its just that you...
Have moved your insights
To a brand new theater!
A different kind of setting!
And the management is aware,
You've been hynotized!

So open up your eyes
And finally realize
You've been hoodwinked like the others...
You will find when you go inside!
Enjoy...this is 'real'
The curtain is about to go up on this one!
It is called: I Can't Believe My Ears and Eyes
It has an ending that will 'shock' and surprise!
Putting the 'awe' in awesome!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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I like this, sad...then uplifting. Putting the ~awe~ in awesome. Love this line.