Different Paths (A Prayer)

Oh Lord, we all walk different paths in our daily lives.
Some of us are frowned upon for the paths we take.
Does that make us worse than any other who believes in you?
We take these paths, not because we are bad,
but because of circumstances beyond our control.
Therefore, as we say our prayers each day
forgive us from any wrong that we do.


(13 July 2007)

by David Harris

Comments (5)

lovely prayer....sometimes the choices we make are not what He wants...but as you said He will not frown down upon us....AMEN
A prayer is always a wonderful oppurtunity to be with the Lord..we are releasing our faith.
Wonderful prayer this Sunday morning David. Yes even though we may make the wrong choices and end up on a path that is not favourable, we know that we can always count on Jehovah God to stand by our side, he will never forsake us. God Bless you David.--Melvina--
Walk always with good in your heart, god will always be in your heart...10
Beautiful prayer, splendid for Sunday Morn