Different To You

As I walk along,
People stop and stare,
I find myself thinking,
This really isn't fair

It's not my fault,
I'm not the same,
Then all of a sudden I feel a spiteful vault,
I realise I got the fame,

But not in the way i wanted

My face and skin,
Looks different to yours,
You all make me feel I've committed a terrible sin,
Why can't you see past my flaws,

Body covered in scales,
You turn away in disbelief,
No wonder other lasses get attention from all the males,
You treat me like an outcast to my dismay,
You cause me pain and grief,
Oh please why do you look the other way,

I do look different but only on the outside,
Can't you look within,
Just swallow your ungrateful pride,
I'm just like the rest of you,
Deep down in side,
Oh how your glares make me feel so blue,
Why can't you smile just grin.

by SarahJane Raven

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