Different Wings

From misty mores to rainbows bright,
each was created for our delight.
Each, created in such wonder and love,
from a touch of the Master's hand above.
Whether, rippling brook or waterfall,
His mighty hand has made them all.
God fills our world with these lovely things,
and to mostly all gives different wings.
Flowers float like butterfly wings,
and like every masterpiece of bird that sings.
These flowers fly on silent wings to Summer's ground,
and like Autumn leaves never make one sound.
He puts silver wings on snow and rain,
as they lightly dance on our windowpane.
God, even gives the sky some wings,
as clouds go drifting by like airborne things.
To even quiet and gusty winds that fly by,
and that fierce lightning that streaks across the Summer sky.
Wings to every bug and bee that buzzes by,
also to the days on wings that seem to fly.
As does His light that reveals the grandeur of all things,
while we rest so safely, "under the shadow of His wings."

by Emeline Pennock Morris


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