Vanquished by the light of false recesses
I now float adrift past the honeysuckles
And past the white willows
To lay onto the black pillow
Containing unstructured
Crumbling equations
Of unfinished business
Which saturates into my soul
Like a soup, I slowly fall asleep
And steam the dream
That I gently cut through
The fabric of yesterday's offer
Instead of ripping it to shreds
But alas, without a void
There is no fill to be had
A monolith of the darkest
Can never be found
If you wage your time
Wandering around
And empirical reasoning
Does not reason with me
When you only rule
The empire of your fat ass
Take what you want
But don't tell me what to give
Do as you wish
For everything is covered
In confusion anyway

by Dustin Dean

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