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Dig A Hole, Fill It In
JH (January 4,1931 / a citizen of the world)

Dig A Hole, Fill It In

Dig a hole, fill it it.
Dig it again, and fill it in.
Jasus, what's the point?
There isn't any point.
But see how much better
you're gettting at it?
So dig an hole, fill it in.

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Comments (5)

It reminds me of the last few lines of 'Babbit'...paraphrasing...'I've never done a thing in my life that I wanted to'...what's the point unless we move beyond...Coach
One problem after another, dig it, fill it, etc... I like this Jerry! Very true sounding poem. Always, Linda
I like this one as it seems like a metaphor for our lives: we dig holes or problems, in life.. and some stop fill the hole up because they do something about it then move on. Others just keep digging.. soon they are lost in their hole or it craves in... But the poems intent could be just to dig holes, then fill them which can be a great sunday afternoon activity.. Take care, Mel xx
Mindless, repetitive 'doing'. The sad lot of so many. This is a profound piece underneath the flippant mask. love, Allie xxxx
actually, there is a point in digging holes but just 2 feel it up all over again. we all dig our own holes but at some point, if your not careful, you can get buried in your own hole. i guess it depends on the dirt u use to bury those holes. quicksand or granite?