Digging A Hole From The Top

When you gallop into life to start your lifelong stroll.
And lady luck gives you a smile you think your on a roll.
But many days you find that is no where's near being true.
It boils down to a fact of life that you sure missed a clue.
Some how you got the idea that there is no place but the top.
One day you find out your wrong, your ideas take a drop.
It's when to come to realize that you're just like a mole.
You only start from the top when you're digging a hole.

This bit of information sticks for long term in your mind.
And by far its hard to realize how you could be so blind.
To think you could go in and make your start way up there.
And run the whole show like you were the designated heir.
But you finally settle down and give this matter a good think.
It sure hits you in the face like its all written down in ink.
You might be the king sitting on your own private little knoll.
You know its true that you start from the top when you dig a hole.

by Guy Hoffmann

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