Digital Tv Dolphins

I've never seen a dolphin so cute and crystal clear -
Nor with a greater grin as if from ear-to-ear!
The eyes like magic marbles, the fins like shining shields,
The tail bursting with bubbles... What joy each dolphin yields!
Blue bubbles dance in sapphire seas above the sandy depths,
As scuba divers swim with ease between their bracing breaths!
Thus Man and dolphin co-exist contentedly at play,
Where neither is the egoist true joy decides to stay...
Thus, time permitting, friendship grows, bonding beyond compare,
To blossom like a radiant rose... resplendent and so rare...
The photogenic dolphin... our friend without a doubt!
Into his world he lets us in... and that's what love's about!
Approachable and beautiful, so gracious and sublime...
Each somersault so wonderful, so special, every time!
The world is full of splendour - ask those who watch tv!
Yet what could be more tender than dolphins in the sea! ?

by Denis Martindale

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