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Digitally Correct
SG (2nd October / London)

Digitally Correct

I lay awake in my bed
Awaiting only sleep
Last cycle of the dish machine
Stopped – and then went BEEEEP!

Triggered chain reaction
Of questions in my head
Has the bell now been replaced
With digital sound instead?

Beep, beep, beep - alarm clock goes
Along with most appliances
Where’s the ring – no one knows
It’s severed all alliances

Teller’s automatic
Registers for cash
The beeping just continues
To make me want to
SMASH Communication devices
Alerting SMS
Telephones united
I wish they’d all just
Get some nice tones
One’s we’d like to hear
Acoustic ding-a-ling-ing’s
Melodic to the ear

Equipment in the office
Systems for security
It makes me want to weep
They’re all so damn annoying
When will it ever end
Will beeps replace the chiming
Of historic clock Big Ben

Please phone me to discuss this more
Though calls to Perth aren’t cheap
But if I’m out don’t worry
Leave message after BEEEEEP!


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Comments (10)

There is more in this than meets the ear, and you are so right.Love Duncan
I refuse to turn my cell phone on unless I want to use it, just because life becomes SO CONTROLLED by beeps and buzzes, from microwaves to you've got mail! ! ! It has poured rain all day today, and the sound of the rain on my roof has been perfect! ! ! ! Love your work, Gypsy. As we say here, 'You really hit the nail on the head! '
Magic! ! Stuck a lttle grin on my face!
Cute way of expressing our frustrations with all the superfluous noise we are constantly bombarded with. Enjoyed this. avr
This is a great poem - I love it!
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