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I lay awake in my bed
Awaiting only sleep
Last cycle of the dish machine
Stopped – and then went BEEEEP!

by Scarborough Gypsy Click to read full poem

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There is more in this than meets the ear, and you are so right.Love Duncan
I refuse to turn my cell phone on unless I want to use it, just because life becomes SO CONTROLLED by beeps and buzzes, from microwaves to you've got mail! ! ! It has poured rain all day today, and the sound of the rain on my roof has been perfect! ! ! ! Love your work, Gypsy. As we say here, 'You really hit the nail on the head! '
Magic! ! Stuck a lttle grin on my face!
Cute way of expressing our frustrations with all the superfluous noise we are constantly bombarded with. Enjoyed this. avr
This is a great poem - I love it!
This is a great poem - I love it!
Scarborough Gypsy manages to create a tension and curious disharmony. Nice work
A spirited and funny poem! I love it, but I think there are a few lines that could be changed syllable-wise in order not to stop the flow of the poem.
Brilliant! Loved the ending. Very neat.
This was beeping funny. Rusty