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Digress Much?

This pain

This body, so fragile

Deflates its charade

Like the owner in its debt

Could do nothing but obey

This pain

The paucity of my being

Stays in no oblivion

My insides prolapse

It butchers my body

This pain

Every bone, every nerve

Every muscle, every tissue

Could muster the strength enough

To only lift its own weight

This pain

And, at a low ebb

Insomnia creeping in

Eyes see nothing but the lashes

And the blurry light beyond

This pain

And as it smiles the wicked smile

My body twists and turns in angst

My tongue prepares to swear

And collapses dead and dry

This pain

What incites the animosity

Also puts out the fire

Of the incinerator within

And I will die laughing

This irony mocks me

This pain.

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