Which is better, this or that?
I am bad at taking a`decision,
I wish I was like some genius
Who can hit target with precision.

But, I do always fumble
And live on to regret,
Till I forget about it
And find some new target.

Is it the same with everyone?
Does it happen to all?
Where in life they make blunders
And their fortunes make a fall.

In the modern day world
With the options wide open,
We never know the right choice
But it’s always worth a risk taking one.

Rdnr 27/7/06

by Vikram G. Aarella

Comments (2)

have to disagree. if you know what you do best, you can basically zoom in on what you want. and if you fail at that even, you just need to try hard. nothing can beat a courageous and determined heart. thanks vikram and best wishes.
Hahaha...being a commerce student i know the risk factor very well, read share market. I too have smililar dilemmas. Nice poem! Preets