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Poem By Rachel L. Z.

Everytime I see you,
My heart jumps
Everytime I think about you
My mouth smiles
All my friends tease me
Because they see it in my face
They can't say your name
Without brightening my day
So they say it all the time,
Just to make me happy
For my sake, they want you to love me
Frankly, so do I
Everytime I stare into your big blue eyes
I feel so warm and complete
I haven't felt this before

Then she told me
She has feelings for you
I suspected before
But I wasn't positive
Now I am
I feel awful
She doesn't know how I feel
She doesn't know how often I think about you
She doesn't know that when we joke
You're such a ladies man
I'm wishing you'd only be mine

You'd don't know either
Or do you?
You act as if you know
You flirt with me
I've never seen you flirt with her

So what then?
What if you choose me over her?
What do I do?
She's so dear to me
A darling friend
I couldn't bear to hurt her, and yet
If you love me, and I love you,
Should I sacrifice our happiness for her?
Shouldn't I?
She doesn't deserve to be betrayed
But is it betrayal if I'm following my heart,
And so are you?
What do I do?
Please, what do I do?

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