CV (October 7th,1984 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Dilerious Day Filled With Agonising Cramps

Two tabs and the pain is subdued for a while
I lay in my nest drifting in and out of consciousness
Hearing my father curse at his phone
And attempting to watching Indiana Jones through blurred vision
My stomach is in knots
And the thirst in my throat is killing me
I'm not supposed to be in pain
I attempt to write a piece on Edinburgh, and I write and write
And I'm writing the most incredible, fantastic piece ever, people will remember me for years due to my talent!
I wake up around about 4, I am sweating and my hair's sticking to my neck
I hear the dog barking
I can't wait to send in my piece, and I look over, and there's nothing on the paper
Except a mangled cross, or something resembling a cross
Damn, those tabs were chronic!
Wonder if my mom can hook me up anymore?
Then i realise I still have a deadline, and it's getting closer by the second and this is make or break!

Later, all I could find was asprin...

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O what events happen in the mind when enough stuff has been ingested almost makes the blank page worth the terror of an empty memory fine real poem