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The foggy night arrives
It grows and grows
I, in my room, wonder
What it is like behing tonight's curtains.

A star I see
Deep inside the fog
Say hello to my loved ones
As you rise more...

Hiding my dreams, my hopes
I stay silent.
Then I light a candle
What hopes can it bring to me?

Lots of birds in the sky
Sing for my dreams after.
I say no more,
Just listen.

City lost its greatest power
To nature covering its energy
Yet a hymn of nature eases the pain.
Upon arrival.

I care no more of things
Dim keeps my secrets
Far far away.

In search of a lost night,
I hear the day whisper;
to night.
That he took so long

The day comes in all its
Glory; like an angel forgotten.
Everyone is ready
To face their sins.

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