Lunar Eclipse

Glorious moon round and luminous
Upon the large canvas of black sky
A dark patch creeps in to cover
It on its side as I step out side
Like a gray thought arriving from
No where to cover the jovial mind
Slowly the patch on moon got bigger and bigger
First quarter, then half, soon three quarter
And most was eaten up by earth's shadow
Its radiant life energy being sucked by Ketu
Now looking like a piece of smoldering coal
Covered with soot here and there
Still flaming bright on its thin visible edge
A fascinating sight forever pinned to mind
A phenomena not to be repeated for long
For peace seekers the umber disk of
Exquisite beauty spreads calm and peace
As for passionate lovers apart
A burning fire ignites their hearts
For some its a new beginning
Bringing hope and optimism
For others a transfixed moment of
Ravishing beauty in timeless cosmos
A symbol of love and nurturing-
The celestial Selene.

9 27.2015

Rahu and Ketu are demon of Puranic stories. They attack Sun and Moon during eclipse time to take revenge.

by Savita Tyagi

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You might have got a French speaker rather than an illiterate computer to read this poem. Go on. You know it makes sense.
What a jewel! Thanks for choosing!