SF (February,4,1937 / W. Columbia, WV, USA)

Soulmates Apart

I miss you like crazy
I want you so much
I long for the day
When i can feel your touch
I need to be with you
I want you to know
I'll never stop loving you
I'll never let you go
You're always in my heart
You're always in my head
I think of us together
Cuddled up in bed
I wish we were together
I wish you were mine
I long for that day
Time after time
I'll never be happy
Till you're here with me
I wish that could happen
I wish we were free
So now what I'm sayin
Is please lets try
To not let any more
Time slip by
My heart is aching
My body is too
My soul needs its mate
And i need you.


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never ending rain......i see through the open windows of mind.....
This morning I'm covered by the beauty of your words, captured and held within. Embraced by the flow of your golden pen, can't wait to read more from you again. A sister poet Melvina
You polish the windows of your imagination to allow the reader to read your thoughts and feel your dreaming. Love your use of the word 'decently' in the second line and your final couplet is the perfect expression of wonder. Immaculate penning. love, Allie xxxx
Good poem and a great poet! Bill Grace
loved this wonderful piece. you do know how to bring things to life and lets us see the way they should be seen.
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