Gray rain has worn the whiteness of the sill.
Clean panes shine decently against the chill.
The afternoon follows its shadow in.
No one will tell tomorrow it has been.

by Sandra Fowler Click to read full poem

Comments (12)

never ending rain......i see through the open windows of mind.....
This morning I'm covered by the beauty of your words, captured and held within. Embraced by the flow of your golden pen, can't wait to read more from you again. A sister poet Melvina
You polish the windows of your imagination to allow the reader to read your thoughts and feel your dreaming. Love your use of the word 'decently' in the second line and your final couplet is the perfect expression of wonder. Immaculate penning. love, Allie xxxx
Good poem and a great poet! Bill Grace
loved this wonderful piece. you do know how to bring things to life and lets us see the way they should be seen.
Amazing write, both in mood and substance. Great stuff, Sandra! Brian
I love the way this poem roams through tenses and senses. There is beauty and truth in almost everything. Thank you. Esther
This is a very moving poem. Turning to your poems for comfort is always rewarding. The rain oft cleans the panes. You turn one rain into a metaphor that is universal. Farewell, Queen Anne's Lace. Welcome, glimpse of sunlight before the evening. New experiences await. A little rainbow for your admirers.
Dear Sandra, The last two lines really did it for me 'How strange a patch of rain that is so small Could cover the diminsions of us all. Brilliant work.Love Duncan
very unique poem full of lyrical and profound sweetness.
There is a touch of high sense of imagination and truth in every line of this poem. Yes, how can a patch of rain hide the diminishing force in the entire world, if what I understand from this poem is corret?
dream force to its husk, amazing in the beautiful mood of sadness it creates.