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Ding-Dong, The Ads Are Gone: We Poems Are Thankful!

I speak for all the poems here
in thanking the management
for removing the ads
that were draining off our blood.

For example, when a poet
used the phrase 'grapes of wrath',
the words appeared in blue
and a click took the reader
off, off, to an ad for a video,
an anger management program —
who knows what?

I'm a poem, I don't go off reading ads,
I'm complete in myself

but suddenly, well how would it feel
if your veins, the blue blood vessels
inside you, were siphoned off somewhere?
Would you like that?

We poems didn't like it either.
We like to think
we have integrity.

I thought I was going crazy,
couldn't hold a thought.

Now it's back to how it was:
I can stand quietly,
like a tree in an ancient grove,

until someone comes to contemplate me,
walking all around me in a leisurely way
while standing in my embracing shade.

by Max Reif

Comments (6)

Absolutely spot -on Brilliant and I love the way that you did this one as if the poem it-self had come to life 'I'm a poem, I don't go off reading ads, I'm complete in myself That is the way to do it Max, and so say all of us Love duncan X
Excellent Max..........nowadays humanity is going for a song! Man in tomfoolery dance to the tom-tom beating?
Could not have been said better! Makes 'us' think about 'us', too.... well said, Max. t x
Great write, Max! Now, back to contemplating.... Brian
Amen to that Max! Hugs Anna xxx
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