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Dining Out
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Dining Out

Good foods I have always enjoyed to eat
The tastiest noodles, with the most tender meat,
Seafood taken freshly from the sea
Along with fruits and vegetables, and always fresh poultry.
Seasoning and broth I surely do adore
I slurp it, I sop it, and over my food it I will pour,
I have traveled the world for places to dine
Hopefully they are a ten, but I will settle for a nine.
I have traveled to eat in the far off east
For the finest sushi and ramen which for me to feast,
I then flown over an ocean for another quest
For the heavenly taste of Haggis and Angus to digest.
I have driven my car up to the north
For pasta dishes that chefs had brought forth,
And I have also traveled down to the deep south
Where gumbo and crawfish waters my mouth.
I always enjoy having myself a full plate
And I will always applaud the culinary artist after I have ate,
Sometimes it seems that my stomach is never full
As I constantly need some form of delicious, tasty culinary fuel.
I so love to please and tantalise my defined palate
For me all foods are upon my voting ballot,
And when in the kitchen I hear that lonesome barren clatter
I think, so many dreams with just an empty platter.

Randy L. McClave

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