Police - The Nervous Breakdown

There was no reason for his stare
He drove his car like he didn't care
Passing us as if we weren't around
Veering left and bringing a shop verandah down

We stopped the patrol car and the crowd gathered
He didn't get out and acted like nothing mattered
The ambulance came and took him to the hospital
They said it was a nervous breakdown causing his fall

© Paul Warren Poetry

by Paul Warren

Comments (12)

Yes papi yes papi yes papi yes papi
Yes yes yes yes yes yes I do not understand
The problem is within the white....so they suffer...not the negronegros...welspoken...
I think some of the comments here presume Hughes excepts the idea of a Negro propblem, begging the question what it is, who decides what is (if there isn't rather a white man problem) etc. That he has a more ironic critical position to the pseudo-ethical dinnertime debates of white New York lies in the opening lines I know I am the Negro Problem, which if taken plainly would be absurd.
Um I agree with Darrell but at the end I think he means that it's great that they're acknowledging that there is a problem, but the solution to that problem is going to have to wait. The whites realize that there is a problem, they just can't, or don't, want to fix it just yet.
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