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Dinner Party

Soup de Jour
A trayful of nibbles-to bite
Party favors and
Mixed drinks
A Dinner-Party-Delight
Martini's and Vodka
Gin and tonic or Baileys and Cream
Crab cakes and Marinated
A Dinner-Party Most Sypreme
Ah-and The Main Course
Now that's a secret hidden to all
But seven courses-hold
It Together
For The King And Queen Of The

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Errors in the language (especially apostrophes) always put me off. This has potential but it is let down by these as well as a taste of abruptness. H
there's an indian movie, party, which depicts a similar ethos with all the elite gathered at a party wherein the insiders are focussed on. ur poem reminded me of the movie. i
Actually Colette, i have been writing for years. I am published in two anthologies and in who's Who 2004 for my poem about laci Denise Rocha Peterson's murder...I called it Night was about Scott Peterson, her husband and murderer. Thank you for your kind compliments. I have about 175 poems here already. I did have a following of readers but that seems to have disappeared.. I was on this site in 2005 -2006 also for a brief time. Thank you again, and i will have to read your work as well. Blessings, and God be with you! Theo
Is the dinner party the metaphor to society? I like this poem' it's not complicated but I get the feeling it is. Hope you keep writing! Xs and Os