'Father? '

Yeeeaaahhhsss, My son?

Oh, I know You're not giving me attitude?
It's too early in the day for that!

'Excuse Me?
Are you forgetting that I...I Am The Almighty? '

Why You always gotta bring that up?
No. Not at all.
It just seems of late...
You're not so eager,
To sit with me and listen to my prayers!

'OH! Is that what you call it?
WHATEVER 'this' is! '

Listen up,
You know...
You are sumthin' else!

'Whatchu sayin?
What have I done now?
Whatchu mean by that? '

I was just thinking about 'All' that You are!

You like it?
What's the deal?
Who did what to 'who' and WHY?
Give Me details.
And don't 'shrimp'
On any gossip you've heard lately! '

I'm loving it!
But it is truly amazing how You do stuff!
I mean...
You 'really' got it goin' on, Father!

'And...? '

That's it! That's all!

'You mean to tell Me...
You called upon Me,
Just to tell Me that? '

To tell You I love You.
And thank You for Your blessings.
I am so very thankful to You, Father!

'What is it that you want?
I'm all ears.
Nose, throat, Heaven and Stars.
Sun, Moon...the Universe, etcetera.'

Not really!

You mean that's all you want to say to Me? '

That's it!

'I'm gonna keep My eye on you.
You are up to something! '

I love it!

I'm gonna keep My eye on you.
You love Me too much,
Not to do it! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Disgusting, pathetic, cowardice
Such a gorgeous ending to this poem. Simply lovely.
most meaningful truths