WAD (April 2,1982 / Riyadh K.S.A)


Simple is the task given to us,
Go forth and multiply,
Spread the good news,
Love thy neighbor as you do yourself.

Simple isn’t it?
Then why do more than half the population
Of this existence spend their entire lives
Lost in search of purpose and meaning?

Have they not heard the instructions?
Or have they received different guidelines to life?

What other task may there be?
Live life to the fullest?
Drink and be merry for tomorrow we die?
Abandon your posts? Flee for your lives?
If it be our time to die, we give them hell before we do?

What direction do these words imply?
What path do they lead to?
Do they even lead to anything?
Does a man who follows these words amount to anything?

What of the simple directives given to us?
What good is a man if he does not make his world better.
Strength and Honor.
To infinity and beyond.
Yabadabadoo! ! !
Live long and prosper.
May the force be with you.

What of these words?
Which do we follow?
Where do we go?

Is it possible that it is all mere static in an infinite universe that has little concern whether we do what we are supposed to do or not?

Is it possible that there are beings out there, cosmic, endless beings of a higher state that toy with our very existence simply because they can?

Such powers as desire and destiny who would come into our worlds and play with our minds with constructs far to complex for us to comprehend… would it not be pleasurable for one to have that kind of power and play with it in a playground of lost, ignorant souls?

The only sure things in life are death and taxes…

Or so they say.

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