Colony Ants Prepare For Flood

actions of ants are time intriguing
ant exploits hyper excel before rain
life study in unity scales fascinating

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)


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Oh this is beauty, nostalgic in every respect, emotions outpouring....really touches my heart.....amazing piece...... thanks for sharing.......
The Master's Requiem - such an incredible ageless thought. That one's heart can not be unlocked because the key left with those loved who left before him. A shining example of why Emerson is one of the greatest poets ever. This ending completely rounds the loss of those loved so perfectly. There is no reason why we suffer such great loss, less God's will. How beautifully he phrases this ageless belief.
the poem titled DIRGE and described beautifully ended with the last word- REQUIEM - - Funeral and its ritual very nice
Excellent, brilliant images, and smooth flowing rhyme and rhythm.
I can't imagine being through such pains Of losing a dear one within my yard Lest siblings of mine in prime days Then wander along ugly paths.. Painful indeed, that Emerson is not just talking about how we are going to meet where we are to reunite, but expressing his dim, hollow heart of missing almost all, except a vague promise to meet with his lost ones again.
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