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On Parting
(22 February 1892 – 19 October 1950 / Rockland / Maine / United States)

On Parting

Pearl of the Sea! Star of the West!
Beautiful Cuba! Your brilliant sky
Is covered by Night's opaque veil,
As my brow is by the pain enveloping it.

I am leaving! The diligent seamen
The sails have raised that soon will tear me
From my native land; and as they unfurl
The winds of the Torrid Zone wait on them.

Farewell, my happy country, beloved Eden!
Where'er the Fates in their fury shall cast me,
Your sweet name shall be like flattery in my ear.

Farewell! ... The swollen sails are rustling,
The anchor is raised ... the ship, convulsed,
Ploughs the waves, flying silently.

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NICE BROOOOOOOOOO 12345678901234567890
A classic. Poet used the words with great skill. Made the reader believe every word.
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I peed in my mouth jsegsjgjdgjadjgkdsajgkjdshgfjkda
This is beautiful and I understand your train of thought
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