ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)


Filthy dirty (not yet finished)

I'll show you what pain is.
I belive this is what you thought.
I hope you can live with yourself.
You vile peice of scum.

I hate you
You raped me you abused me.
You hurt me.
Worst of all
You stole my trust
You took my innocence.

Rape Rape
Please god no not again
Get off me
Please leave me alone.

one day You'll regret what you've done.
And now it's begun.
I'll show you what hate is.
It's from me to you.
You dirty old fucking man
You'll be dead when I'm through.

I will get you
Like you got me
You will pay for what you did

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i think this is really good.. it makes me think back to when it happened to me.. =(