Dirty Kurty

He looks to get high
In the lowest of low places
His world swirls
To a mangled mess
Lighting foil
To burn his midnight oil

I get glimpses
Before the high takes flight
Vanishing the man I once knew

He’s lost to me
He’s lost to you

His charm is a device
To make me think he’s alright
Into thinking I might be wrong
To question my reason
Allowing myself to be seduced
By his cheap song

I get glimpses
Glimmer-y shimmer-y Sparkles
Of who he used to be

He’s lost to you
He’s lost to me

He wastes his genius
On barstool fools and addicts
His self-inflicted dementia
My heart becomes conflicted
It’s hard to look his mother in the eye
And Lie

I get glimpses
I can see remnants of the man
In his worn thin skeleton suit

He lost to me
He’s lost to you

I want to believe his words
I want to hear his song
I want to think he can pull thru
But those things I want
Are just wishes gone wrong

In my mind is a picture
Of him playing guitar and smiling
But behind that beautiful grin are false teeth

He’s lost to you
He’s lost to me

by Wanda Swim Strunk

Comments (3)

Wow, thats deep, . i liked it.. umm its a sad story. I sure know somone on it, and i know exactly how you feel.. Good piece of writin
Some people have emailed and asked who this is about. It's about my buddy Kurt, I love him and he breaks my heart.
I don't know who this about Wanda, but the story is too familiar. A good write on the wrongs of what drugs and drink can do to not only the user. 10 from Tai