Dirty Rotten Liar

I try to be honest
I try to do what's right
But I can't seem to help
Just telling one more lie

Should I feel guilty?
Is it really wrong?
I go ahead and tell one more lie
And feel no guilt at all

I get a call at home
They say they need assistance
I say I'm sick in bed
But I really don't want to go the distance

I try to steal something at the store
But before I leave I get caught
I didn't remember it was in my pocket
I swear I just forgot!

My mother calls me up
She says that she is sick
Sorry Mom I can't come
I'm stranded on a ship!

The IRS comes to my house
They say I cheated on my taxes
It's my accountants fault I say
Why not go and harass him?

I get called to court
I witnessed a crime
I told a little lie
But I got caught this time

Because of my little lie
I was charged with perjury
So now I'm stuck in jail
Telling my cellmate I killed a jury

by Luke B..

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Comments (2)

Definitely an interesting piece. I've know serial liars and wondered why, why, why they keep on lying even about stupid things and are always shocked if you call them on it, because they know they are far too smart to have been caught.
I'm not sure if I was meant to laugh. But I did anyway at the last few lines. Enjoyed this poem.