Disagreement Inside

There have been times
Oozing out of the brain
Heavenly drops of spirits drooping healthy me
Pointing in unexplored directions tonight
Caught on the threshold of right and wrong
This continuous disagreement
Keeps beating in my heart
A constant deafening sound only laughter defeats it temporarily

Black and white vision how far can I see
Red, Blue, Green resting in breeze
Moving in boxes stripping peace
No need for clarification it will cease
With expressions of false grief
In between blindness and dreams
Who is real?
Both occurred when eyes don’t scream

Choosing defeat a lonely stream
Wakes up in a violent sea
Surrounded by applauding trees
Bidding farewell to what used to be me
Going down in ways unseen
An epic repeats itself
Every moment unwritten and agreed.



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I really liked your thought...... good one.......