Disappeared Dreams

Hardly eighteen
Young and youthful
Euphoric and exhilarating
Exuberant and energetic
Buoyant and boisterous
Fit and fugitive
Excelling in twin sports
Athlete in football and volleyball
Accolades aplenty
Bringing laurels to parents
Pride to nation
Completing her rigorous training
Eager to be home
Waiting to earn a well earned rest
Getting into an electric multiple unit
Squatting very near to entrance
Carrying dreams many more
In pursuit of never ending success story
Historic scripts waiting to be re-written
Smiling wrinkles all over her face
Never she thought sullen it would be this day
Attacked by a group of dreaded men
Who targeted her golden ornament
Glittering around her neck
All that she could resist went in vain
The brutal people threw her out
Of the speeding train
So hard to say!
One of her precious leg
Run over by another rapid train
Running opposite
All her dreams buried alive
A flower ripped in bud
Let us all pray
God stays with her ever
To give courage and bravery
To combat against all odds
To flower in full bloom.

by Vijay Sai

Comments (8)

I'm sorry if this story affected you for real. when I read the beggining i forgot all about the title and thought it might have a cheery ending but then you just sort of manouvered in this horrible happening and i think you did it so swiftly that it was amazing.
This is very sad......that this girl was this young and was so brutally stripped from all her dreams. We here in South Africa have a swimmer who have the same story...Natalie du Toit. She is now a Paralimpic Gold Medalist. Just goes to show.
Good poem. The short lines create a sense of foreboding, like dreaded footsteps drawing closer or a heart beating loudly in fear. In this case the reader is waiting in fear while the subject of the poem is oblivious to the approaching terror.
You've presented an accident of youth who had gorgeous dreams. But, unfortunatly all her dreams ended in smoke when she was thrown from a running train and lost her leg along with her documents. It is a very sad story. The same incident happened with a boy of my locality who was going to Bangalore to do B.pharma, but the cruel hands and the fate didn't let him fulfill his dream and he was thrown from the train. Now, he is physically good but his mental power has gone so he just wander only. Perhaps he couldn't tolerate it.
Touching, very touching. the first lines makes one feel the high level of energy and then comes the tragedy. It makes me wonder about the why of it. Tragedies do happen more often than we would like to see. The best answer about the why of tragedies, I was reading in a book by R. Sharma. He wrote about a teacher in a small school in a poor village. One day the school burned out. A tragedy. But the teacher took the event to raise money for a new and better school. It a simple example, perhaps too simple for what happened in the poem, but sometimes tragedies bring different opportunities/blessings. I am not so sure. What I write here may be a severe oversimplification. Your poem really got me thinking and I like very much poems that do that. Many thanks, I think it is a very good poem.
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