Disappearing For The Last Time

sat on my own
feeling alone
just wanna leave
shame its impossible to overdose on aleve

i look to the door
theres nothing for me here anymore
do i dare disappear
and live my life in fear

walking to door
i look back once more
this time i'll go for good
i'll make sure im not misunderstood

into the darkness
into the mist
not scared nor frightened
i will subsist

can i survive
should i be alive
no food no drink
not even the energy to think

i shouldnt be here
i made a mistake
do i reappear
before my family awake

i head back home
in the dead of night
i best not roam
its getting cold and the wind's beggining to bite

getting closer and closer i hear a van
nowhere to go i begin to worry
the engine gets loud i dont have a plan
it's speeding too fast and it was all a blurry

the vehicle hit me with almighty force
the driver speeding on feeling no remorse
this pain's excruciating i cant bare it
is my life over? should i quit?

by shaun znideric

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