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Born with a gift
Each person is

An identity, a path
we believe that we all go in the direction that we choose
life expectancy doesnt allw us to proceed with all of our desirable
when something doesn't go our way
we revert back to a behavior
well known to our ancestors
There are different ways to express
but in the inside of a person its all the same
empty, pure and a mystery
Something never written down in history
What I believe can change a person
is their life experience
Driven on a path by the past generation but sneaking
around and creating a dream will in the end soon be seen
You will be known if you don't disappear
by keeping to yourself and by listening all the time to
those who you consider the leader of their time but that about now make a difference be well known
create, design
so you'll never disappear
In the eyes of those that matter most

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