Nature Defends

Disasters aplenty, run-rampant today
Why? You may ask with look of dismay

What causes natural disasters you naively inquire
Mother earth fights for herself with water and fire

Defending with great winds and terrible quakes
Polar icecaps melting and pandemic outbreaks

She’s taken mankind’s abuse for hundreds of years
Exploited by amoral and depraved profiteers

She’s had more than enough, her patience grew thin
The wicked against her fight a war they won’t win

“I will burn them, flood them and shake them to bits”
Till the will of mankind bends and submits”

Mother Earth, made perfect by Gods Loving Hands
Created azure skies, blue waters, bountiful lands

Seeding water, land with life great and small
Providing bounteous food for one and for all

Why has mankind taken more than his God-Given share
Despoiled Earth Mother’s water, soil and polluted her air

The answer’s complex, not easy to voice
Only one word comes close, that word is “choice”

Poor choices, judgment in what mankind has done
Defiling their home with cruel aberration

So what must man do to set things right
He must love Mother Earth, stop causing such blight

Banish internal darkness, take in God’s Light
Reclaim his saneness, clear his eyesight

Restore duty-bound stewardship, regain command
Of oceans, skies and all expanses of land

No alternatives exist to these actions, as time has run out
Of this...
Earth Mother is certain with no exception or doubt


by Ray Lucero

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I dig the line about timid bomb.