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Im always messing up.
you must be so disappointed in me,
i hate feeling like this-
feeling like your a leaf falling from a tree.
Im letting you down.

I try to explain,
but we end up yelling.
yelling like a toddler just wanting attention.

I left you waiting like a timed bomb.
you didn't know if you should cut the wire-
you had placed on me or
just wait and see.

'we're just have'n fun! ' I yelled
'we're all good friends! '
'but why did you scatter then? like a clique,
when they try to hit a lick but it decides to hit back? '
I started to see your anger expanding.
like a hot air balloon try'n to lift to the sky.

You opened your arms and heart just like a door.
but with mine...
I have locked you out but have let others in.
because of this you dont understand.

I am moving forward
but like a frog in order to go forward
you must go back.
I still keep mess'n up/
My mistakes blooming like unwanted weeds.
but these weeds are always going to be part of me.

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I dig the line about timid bomb.