Disasterous Conditions

So easy it is,
To forwarn of disastrous conditions.
From positions taken,
Behind podiums and/or pulpits.
Prophesied when one,
Becomes televised with this done...
To bring attention more to those,
Posing to get...
Their popularity focused exposure.
Yet after the cameras and crowds go,
So does the concern...
To show to those who know,
Not too many of notoriety take steps
Making known with shown endeavors,
To correct...
Their human disasters that affect,
Only the ones who have lived them...
Listening to expect,
Being referred to as refugees.
While those gaining the sympathy...
Are the ones wiping tears from eyes,
Expecting a huge fee...
For their delivery,
Of a touching...
And heartfelt emotional performance.

'You were wonderful.
When are you going to make visits,
To those impoverished.
And victims of disparities? '

-Just how serious is the problem? -

You described their condition,
At length and in detail.'

-As long as my presentation,
Came across as sincere.
And donations keep flowing in,
Who cares when or where...
I make off camera appearances?
Everyone knows,
It's not about the disaster.
But who can best attract,
The getting of attention to it! -

What about those who suffer? '

-I will ensure each one gets,
An autograph photo.
8 by 10 glossy.
That's it.
Personal visits with real tears wept
You should know,
That ain't me.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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