Poem Hunter
BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)


Disasters strike upon the land, some by God and some by man.
The disasters of a natural force, they come from God of course.
Some however are wicked plans, found in the evil heart of man.
Both will have the same result, moving men into deeper thought.

At times a quiet earth may quake, leaving destruction in its wake.
Such times are the finger of God, touching the earth that we trod.
Disasters will strike any nation, leaving behind much devastation.
Such disasters are truly unkind, leaving pain and suffering behind.

Many people escape the wrath, being far from the disasters path.
But it should not be ignored, as they need to reflect on The Lord.
Many disasters sure to come, were predicted by God’s own Son.
Some by God are meant to be, signs pointing all men to Eternity.

Others simply have their start, in man’s wicked deceptive heart,
Hearts, by Christ, we were told, in the end would only grow cold.
But all the tragedy soon will end, when to the earth Christ is sent.
Man has become so depraved, without Christ none will be saved.

Even the earth groans in pain, eager to be purged from sin’s stain.
As tragic as these disasters are, the end will be much worse by far.
For during the Great Tribulation, wrath will pour upon every nation.
As God’s final Judgment’s poured, on all men who reject The Lord.


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Hey Bob, human beings allowed the development of the barrier wetlands around New Orleans and human beings allowed the levees to fall into disrepair and human beings failed to engage in adequate evacuation planning. So I think you're giving God a bad rap. Why would you blame God for the follies of human beings? I don't think you'll be judged too kindly for that.