Discarded Dude

Irked by prospects of losing Chocolate
Melting on a tongue accustomed to flattery
Which a better suitor was snatching from a silver plate
Sooner than anticipated bit Bully hard in agonising battery.

Harried, hustled and bustled right, left and centre
In tactical romantic moves he'd never contemplated
Bully wept as Chocolate worked the sentimental metre
That weighed and measured Bully, leaving him deflated.

Swaggering her dainty curves in a skimpy micro dress
That had jaws dropping and heads turning
Whichever direction she swung Chocolate couldn't suppress
Her mirth as Bully regretted opportunities he'd been spurning.

To drive home her pleasure at dumping Bully
Who for a decade poured verbal, financial, physical and conjugal abuse
On her as if she'd been worth nothing truly
Chocolate hugged her newfound beau. Bully's regrets were of no use.

by John Sensele

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