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The crimson flame is visible -
quintessence its me Thee fascinate
Euterpe's magic realm Thee contemplate,
I trust my heart toyour crucible
Melt themoody coils melancholia,
whirlwind my soul, my poem Fantasia
-Your lips are tangible
In stanza time, yourdivine space-
Triplechords in rhymes and leap
Intrigue- tease, I find the poetic
To ambiguity of meaning
And ubiquity of presence-
The tongueof lambent wit
Touch, trip on light and kiss
I'm your disciple- lover
Euterpe bless!
With sonnet's wreath,
New Eros Oracle,
Poetic golden ring
Encircle You my soul to sing
the new dawn Aphrodite's golden sheen-
The sun-inundatedloveshore wonder
In whispering incessant lapping sea-
Spellsroundabout and oblique,
the brilliant ting-tone-cluster-twang
The Muse, Euterpe sang
To spheres of eternity -come, come
Sit there on the shore, take the gold of the Sun
And listen, listen...
- The Poem Sea - the Crimson Sail- Flame-
The gentle breeze embrace the meaning
But only yearning for something
More is echoed, echoed
In that faraway...
By you.

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could not get the entie meaning.but it is wholesome reading.