Discipline Had Long Been Aborted

Incubated sensations begin to breathe breath.
The taste of temptation,
Comes with the birth that one gets...
Upon the teasing fields,
Of marketed dreams.

Some will say it is not best,
To bombard a thirst to quench with trinkets!
But others choose to select,
What they believe is best!
Until the teething has been satisfied.
And a hunger builds and becomes unrest.

The feeding that has begun,
Now becomes a stinging done!
A demanding has taken place.
Disrespect glares in one's face.
And nothing can replace that!
Since discipline had long been aborted!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

sometimes the pull of temptation is just too strong...great poem.
a perfect piece of philosophy, LP, and tremendous read. your flow and balance is second only to the messages. skilled work. -Tailor